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Vino in my Dino

Julie 3-31-15The name Vino in my Dino comes from my earliest memory of wine at our dining room table when I was 4 years old. I had my Flintstones tableware along with my Dino cup-my parents would pour a tiny bit of Zinfandel and then add water. I asked them why they put water in my vino-it just didn’t taste good. I have been passionate about wine ever since.

I am a third generation family member/owner of Pedroncelli Winery and the office I inhabit is my childhood bedroom. I have the good fortune to look out on the same vineyard view as I have for some five decades. And I never tire of what I see. My husband Ed calls this Pedroncelli World Headquarters. I call it home. Growing up at the winery gave me life experiences I still appreciate. Agriculture, sales, marketing, weather, climate, land purchases, sunsets (a family favorite) and Sunday dinners.

I hope you’ll stop by often and appreciate my view of the wine world and together we’ll sip some Vino in my Dino.


Women's History Month: We Are Family

A while ago I took part in a seminar entitled “Growing up Among the Vines” and one of the stories I told was about my sisters and I building vine houses circa 1970 under head pruned Sauvignon Vert vines. I remember it was cool inside the canopy of long canes and large leaves in the days just before harvest. We had our own vine village. This and many other memories are with me as I reflect on four generations of family ownership.

Written by Julie Pedroncelli St. John

Buds of March

I have been seeing the headlines in Wine Country newspapers talking about bud break in our neck of the woods. With a certain sense of excitement I went out to check our vineyard and found nothing. Hmmm. Too early? Different microclimate in our corner of Dry Creek Valley?

Written by Julie Pedroncelli St. John

Vineyard View: From Drought to Plenty

The phases our Mother Clone vineyard on our Home Ranch has experienced in the last five years echoes a climate pattern that reaches back 90 years ago. Soon after my grandparents bought the ranch in 1927 they experienced one of the longest droughts on record from 1928-1934. Our recent drought period of 4 years ended with the 75 inches of rain we have received (so far) for the 2016-2017 season.

Written by Julie Pedroncelli St. John

Cellar View: Barrel Stats

This weekend we are celebrating 40 years of barrel tasting at Pedroncelli—we were one of the founding wineries and have participated in this educational event since the first year-1977. While I was too young at the time to participate I worked my first barrel event in 1986. It was free back then, people even brought their own wine glass with them because the wineries weren’t equipped to wash enough glasses to supply the attendees. Ahh those were the days.

Written by Julie Pedroncelli St. John


Open That Bottle Night is tomorrow night, the 25th of February. This is a fun way to take a look at the wines you have stored or saved over the years-and even if you don’t have a cellar or closet to age wine pick something up you haven’t tried before. It doesn’t have to be expensive or an older vintage-just open that bottle!

Written by Julie Pedroncelli St. John


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